Badass Habits for 2021

Rock the New Year with Jen Sincero & Badass Habits!

Friday, January 29th
9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.PST

Badass Habits ($26 Hardcover signed by Jen Sincero)
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Badass Habits
Cultivate the Awareness, Boundaries, and Daily Upgrades You Need to Make Them Stick

Badass Habits is a eureka-sparking, easy-to-digest look at how our habits make us who we are, from the measly moments that happen in private to the resolutions we loudly broadcast (and, erm, often don't keep) on social media. Habit busting and building goes way beyond becoming a dedicated flosser or never showing up late again--our habits reveal our unmet desires, the gaps in our boundaries, our level of self-awareness, and our unconscious beliefs and fears. Badass Habits features Jen's trademark hilarious voice and offers a much-needed fresh take on the conventional wisdom and science that shape the optimism (or pessimism?) around the age-old topic of habits. The book includes enlightening interviews with people who've successfully strengthened their discipline backbones, new perspective on how to train our brains to become our best selves, and offers a simple, 21 day, step-by-step guide for ditching habits that don't serve us and developing the habits we deem most important. Habits shouldn't be impossible to reset--and with healthy boundaries, knowledge of--and permission to go after--our desires, and an easy to implement plan of action, we can make any new goal a joyful habit.

Jen Sincero
New York Times Bestselling Author & Success Coach

World renowned motivational speaker Jen Sincero will share her approach to habits at the WomenTalkBiz Network event on January 29. She’ll give us the eyes to notice new things, to pick out and prioritize what's important to us and what drives our sense of purpose and fulfillment during this time of instability and uncertainty. Then she’ll take us through an important habit that we each want to address. This is your chance to shift your life and business through your understanding and implementation of habits.

Then we’ll spotlight two lucky souls who will get the chance to talk through an important habit of theirs with Jen Sincero so they can anchor the change while the rest of us watch and learn. We’ll discover together how and why we lose hold of habits, and how boundaries and awareness come into play.

Made it to a Million Panel
Our Panel of Millionaire Female Entrepreneurs will share how they became Badass in their own successful business. They will share their ups/downs and how they hit challenges head-first to build a successful business and be the leader we see today. Will unveil our Panel in a few weeks.

Three Badass Coaches will share their expertise with our guests. Breakout workshops and Q&A sessions with each coach will happen after our networking lunch.

with Liz Dederer

The Invisible Business Model™

5-figure months for coaches and
service solopreneuers


Online marketing? Social media? Email funnels?  We're inundated with the overwhelming possibilities for bringing our business vision to the eyes of others. Couple that with the questions of "what do we charge?", "how long do we work with a client?", "how do we get them the best results so they refer people to us?", and "what’s a realistic earning goal?"... enter entrepreneurial exhaustion.  It does not have to be so complex to make money and create change.

 In this lively and comprehensive business training, you will discover:

  • The #1 mistake we make when it comes to conversations around and about money
  • 5 simple steps to creating a high-touch, low-tech boutique service business
  • Actionable sales habits to grow your business in just 15 minutes a day

with Deborah Daniels

Find the Treasure in Your Business

Deborah will show you...

1) How to Maximize the Cash in Your Business
2) The shortcuts to building Value in your Business
3) the secret that creates the legacy

with Ann Bennett

Renegade Ninja Networking Tips:
3 stealth fail proof ways to capture attention, stand out and get clients

One of the biggest pitfalls for entrepreneurs is turning the business connections they collect at networking events into hot leads and clients. And now it’s virtual and seems practically impossible online. What would it be like if you had a simple system or checklist to connect and reconnect with awesome prospects so they wouldn’t slip through your fingers? That works anytime, anywhere with anyone. So you could transform those long hours on zoom, and contact info collected from the chat box into profits that up level your business, influence and impact.

That’s exactly what you’ll discover during this sassy and sizzling presentation. 

This is for you if:

  • You stumble and struggle over what to say so your ideal clients get you and want you.
  • You yearn for simple secrets to cut through the noise with a bold impact that captures attention in an overcrowded   marketplace.
  • You want to know simple, authentic steps that prompt your perfect peeps to take fast action.

What you are about discover is:

  • Powerful impact triggers the move people to notice (and buy!) instead of tuning you out.
  • How to showcase your bold brilliance, so you're not just one of the people they want to work with, but the only one.
  • How to become so enchanting people can’t take their eyes off you and jump at the chance to work with you

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